We’ve finally entered 2022!!!!!! Yes, yes, I know 2021 was a long year and I am glad we are finally here. 2021 wasn’t so great for some people but for others it was their best year yet. I am extremely excited because 2022 signifies a fresh start, a clean slate, new chances, and experiences. During this period when the new year begins, we all tend to get excited, maybe too excited to leave the old year behind and start the new year doing things the same way and expecting different results, having a negative mind set and expecting positive things to happen. And so, talking about fresh start, here’s what to do this new year:

  • Plan your year: “She who fails to plan, plans to fail.” I know it feels like there is too little time to plan, but I promise it will only take 10-15mins do this. Make a list of the goals you want to achieve and prioritize. We cannot always attend to every dog that barks at us on our journey through life, which is why we need to prioritize.
  • Keep an open mind: 2020 hit us with the pandemic; 2021 was supposed to bring back our 2019 vibes but that did not happen. We instead had some more struggles. So, this year let’s wipe our slates clean and start afresh with the understanding that we cannot have everything the exact way we want but we can strive for great things and better experiences.
  • Finish what you start: “New Year, new me.” Is a saying we hear every year. Every New Year, people make a lot of commitments/resolutions that are forgotten by the end of January, and nothing gets done. This year let’s stay committed to our goals no matter how tough things may be.
  • Have a positive mind set: Now you have written your goals, prioritized them, sworn to keep an open mind and finish what you start. The next step it to choose to be positive and think possibility in every situation.
  • Put in the work: We would not achieve anything if we do not take action. Only when we push ourselves out of our comfort zones, can we get what we truly want\deserve.


  1. Ogbaji Ibeyi Rebecca

    Thanks s lot.
    This is lovely.
    In this age and time, planning is a must and to put them to work is something that can never be over emphasized.
    Also we should try as much as possible to avoid procrastination.

  2. Chinwemmeri Ekuma

    Timely information, Apt too. Thanks a lot, we’ll make a better year once we adhere to these institutions.

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