International Women’s Day 2022

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Gender equality is basically a state where the rights of all genders are respected and all are given equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities to make decisions without any form of discrimination. The inequality of genders is not just a statistics of leadership distribution on paper but it is a big issue that affects the world on every level. Economically, poverty is closely linked with inequality and that says a lot about the difference between developed countries and under-developed countries. A world where barriers are constantly set to limit women, where women are not given any chances or opportunities to reach their potential is a world on brink of disaster. Inequality limits the growth of a country. According to research by the World Bank, it was noted that when markets are imperfect (in credit, insurance, land and human capital) inequalities in power and wealth turn to unequal opportunities, leading to wasted productive potential and to an inefficient allocation of resources.

Healthwise, it has been noted that women and people living with disabilities tend to often face inequality alongside people of different sexual preferences as certain laws are set in place to further limit them. Gender inequality comes in various forms but it still has the same consequences in the society at large.

Humans are the only specie that think their females are weak”. Some of the struggles women face daily, in seeking healthcare, education, employment, political representation, stem from deep-rooted gender disparities. Empowered women and girls have the capability to create better economic opportunities for themselves and their families. Female participation and representation are important, hence the significance of gender equality. The backward thinking that women are lesser than men or that women cannot lead should be curbed, because it has been demonstrated that societies who value gender equality are safer, healthier and economically prosperous.

Gender equality culminates in growth on a global scale. Sustainable development relies on giving women equal rights, opportunities, access to education, employment and ending discrimination. Health wise, there will be improved health outcomes for women as gender barriers are eliminated and more women are empowered to seek adequate healthcare services thereby resulting in decline of infant mortality, maternal deaths, unwanted pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. Gender equality also leads to better legal protection thereby mitigating violence against women, racial inequality and social injustice.

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We must #BreakTheBias to ensure that we live in a gender-equal world that values the rights of women and is free from discrimination and stereotypes. Dr Jane is celebrating with women all over the world to collectively #BreakTheBias for a sustainable future.



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